“Wildlife Senses” Fall 2018-Spring 2019

New this Fall 2018 – Spring 2019, our “Wildlife Senses” program explores the AMAZING ways our unique creatures use their sense of touch, taste, sight, smell & hearing – just like us (but also SO different)!  Learn how far a raptor, like our new Eagle Owl(et), can see her prey, or how a canine, like our Fox, has their own “social network”, how a Raccoon cleans it’s food with human-like hands, and how reptiles, like our Tegu “tastes the air” with its tongue.  Exhibits plan to these fascinating animals as well as a few other exotic invertebrates, amphibians and some other special friends!

Booking now!  Please check our online Calendar for availability!

WildlifeSenses18-19 Flier

We look forward to SEEING you soon!


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