About Us

The Natural History Educational Company of the Midsouth was incorporated by Bob Tarter in 2005.  Apart from being a lifelong nature enthusiast, Bob has a degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and spent time as a biologist for Ducks Unlimited and with the Department of Natural Resources for the State of Indiana as a wildlife researcher and biologist.  Bob lifes with his wife, Beth, and their two children, along with the entire NHECM animal family, in Middle Tennessee.

NHECM takes pride on imparting an appreciation for the natural world through EDUCATION and sharing our KNOWLEDGE.  This is why our presenters are professionally educated wildlife biologists, naturalists and educators that demonstrate a passion for teaching others.  Our regular clients know and appreciate the training and expertise in which our presenters handle our exhibit animals, and recognize the need for strict behavior guidelines expected of attendees.  This ensures a safe and comfortable environment for all participants (animals and humans alike!) and a “learning experience of a lifetime.”


Another unique aspect of our Family-run company, is our animal exhibits are considered “family” too.  Many of our animals are obtained when they are young and hand-raised by Bob and his family in their home, ALL of our animals find a “forever” home at our small farm and will live there for the remainder of their lives as “retirees” long past the time they are willing to program & travel.


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Affiliations & Annual Events

Tennessee’s Wild Side (video link) – TV Contributor for “Cool Critter” segments

TN Wildlife Resource Foundation – Recipient of TKO Grant funds

Friends of TN State Parks – Donated or reduced costs fundraisers

Friends of Land Between the Lakes – “Creepy Crawly Day” in Kentucky

USACE’s Carlyle Lake & Rend Lake – “Earth Day Festivals” in Illinois

Strawberry Plains Audubon Center – “Hummingbird Festival” in Mississippi