Pricing and Payment details

Virtual/Online Programming:
We continue to offer a variety of live and interactive wildlife educational programs for any groups that need to enjoy our animals at a distance. We currently offer Zoom Pro Webinar and/or Facebook LIVE programs, with a recorded link provided to the venue afterward! If your venue has another preferred format we will happily work with you as a co-host!

These virtual options ensure live Q&A options for attendees and a true interactive learning experience with one of our professional Animalogist programmers and their fun critters!

* “Tales Our Tails Will Tell” (Summer 2021 learning series)

* Special Guest Story Book reading (have one of our animals “ZoomBomb” your storytime!)
Story options could include many children’s favorites like “Stellaluna,” “Harry Potter” series, “The Mitten,” “Sparkle the Unicorn,” “The Kissing Hand” just to name a few!

* Learn-i-Mal Summer Camp – still in development (single lessons – or a series of lessons involving a “Biologist Bob in a Box” hands-on learning kit & curriculum!) Options plan to include: Bee Keeping, Incubate & Hatch Eggs, Dissect an Owl Pellet, Anatomy & Bones, All About Reptiles, Birds, Insects, and many others.

Virtual Program Pricing We will work with you to coordinate the best co-hosting/webinar options for your venue – contact us for more details!

LIVE (IN-PERSON) Programs:
Single Weekday School-Year Program: $400.00
Our stand alone wildlife programs last approximately 50 minutes (including question and answer time) and include five live wildlife exhibits (subject to availability). This amount will be prorated for any additional programs you schedule, and we can occasionally offer discounted rates in order to meet your budget. If our presenters are not already in the area on the date you choose, a nominal mileage fee may apply. We are more than happy to talk with you about different pricing options, so please contact us for details!

Multiple Programs Same Day/Same Location:
Pro-rated total costs starting from $500.00
For larger audiences, or those broken down among grade levels, we offer pro-rated rates. Depending on the size of the audience, two programs typically cost a total of $500-$550 and three (or more) programs cost a total of $600-$750+.

Multi-Day Events/Evening & Weekend Pricing:
We provide competitive rates for half-day or all-day programming events and weekend or evening events.   Please contact us for pricing!
Suggestions for our LIVE Venues:
Due to the nature of our wildlife exhibits, we realize the need to have a manageable audience that is calm and ready to learn. Please consider these recommendations:
* audiences limited to 300
* age/grade levels grouped when appropriate
* aisleways for programmer to safely walk among attendees
* teachers/staff available and seated near students to monitor behavior
Classroom or Animal-Specific Programming…
Is your class learning about bats? Birds in flight?  Scientific method? Do you need some extra grade-level prep about reptiles for upcoming tests or events? Want to host a program with curriculum dedicated to just one or a group of our available exhibits? Contact us to discuss rates and availability!
 Youth or Conservation-Related Non-Profit? We’d like to help!
Contact us about donated or reduced-cost programs available.

DISCOUNTED rates are offered when booking while we are already in the area for those on limited budgets. Programs qualify for many available educational grants, STEM initiatives & Title 1 funding. We will do the best we can to help you fund our visit!

Payment Details

We prefer that payment be made via check, payable to “Animalogy”, prior to or at the latest the day of the program. However, we work with all venues for their specific needs if payment needs to be made after the program, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. We provide an invoice typically at the time programming is scheduled, please notify us of any specific needs on how to prepare the invoice (i.e. specific date, a P.O. number, payable to).

We also use Square to accept credit card payments (please enter your custom amount):

Currently this option will show as a “Donation” so you can enter your amount, as all of our pricing for programs vary. Please contact us if you have questions!