From our youngest fans: “My favorite animal is the bat…

it has big wings and cute little ears. I also like the raccoon because he is funny when he tries to get on your head!” – 3rd grader

“I learned that if a snake’s eye is a football shape its venomous, and if its eye looks like ours it’s not venomous.” – 4th grader

“You are a brave man, you picked up a raccoon. I learned how it uses its claws to feel things and that it likes marshmallows. Keep up the good work!” – 4th grader

“My favorite animal was the congo eel. I liked it because it was covered in slime and could live underwater.” – 3rd grader

“My favorite animal was the prairie dog. I like baby dolls. And the prairie dog seems like a baby doll.” – 2nd grader